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100 And 200 meter Dash L.A. Champs
400 meter Dash Champs
800m (1/2 a mile) 1600m (mile) And 3200m (2 mile) Champs
Photo Gallery


Welcome to my Web site!

The track & field website is a website that I created about the best LA city section's best athletes. I will show you what our city section and MY school (Birmingham H. S.) can do and have done. And show all the evidence by posting pictures of our best athletes of Los Angeles. This website is still in progress, so please visit often so you can see what updates I have done!!



Track and Field


Distance running rules and these are the rulers of distance running.

1600 Pablo Rosales 4:22.72         1600 Ana Rosales 5:15.09               3200 Jared Long 9:36.41       3200 Mallory Celaya



Sprinting events also haves rules and these are the rulers of the sprinting events.

Kevin                                     Laron                                  Devin                                    Chris

These athletes are the L.A city Champions for the 4x400 with an incredible time of 3:18.81!!!


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